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Leiras means "farm" in Galician and illustrates the vineyard of Leiras Albariño in the Valle do Salnes in Rias Baixas that gives us the most genuine characteristics of the Albariño variety.


Intense on the nose with notes of yellow flower (acacia), orange stick and a light note of fresh grass. Aromas also accompanied by citrus notes which give the wine a lot of freshness.


A balanced mouthfeel which is fresh, broad and silky on the palate with a long finish and a mineral touch that is typical of the Val do Salnés area. Prominent citrus notes in via retronasal.

Vineyard (viticulture):

Grape growing in Rías Baixas stands out for its Atlantic influence and for a training system known as ‘parra’. The vines grow up to a height of 180 m and then spread out horizontally. This ensures good ground sun exposure in the summer whilst the clusters remain in the shade, for proper ripening.

The grapes ripened very well thanks to warm, dry spring and summer weather. Lower temperatures in August slowed the pace of ripening, helping to maintain the typical acidity of Albariño. Suitable weather in September allowed the grapes to conclude their ripening with great aromatic intensity, balanced acidity and excellent quality.


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