Cadalso Garnacha 2017

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Grape: Garnacha 100% from Sierra de Gredos (Cadalso de los Vidrios)

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The Sistema Central mountain range has been 25 million years in the making and forms the backbone of the Iberian Penisula. A sprawling system crowned by the towering grandeur of Pico Almanzor at 2,592 metres, it boasts some of the oldest and most interesting soil types for grape growing in Spain. Unsurprisingly it has a rich and diverse heritage of grape growing and winemaking. The combination of soil type (blue granite), high altitude sites and old vines mean the quality potential in these areas is phenomenal. In addition, they sustain a number of unusual varieties – most of which aren’t planted anywhere else in Spain. Unfortunately, many of these remote mountain villages have faced an uncertain future with the closure of the wine cooperatives on which they depend, and the subsequent migration of younger people to the cities. In an effort to preserve these incredible ancient vineyards Peninsula has begun the Mountain Wine project, partnering with a number of local producers in Sierra de Gredos to reinvigorate the vineyards and sustain the communities who farm them.

TASTING NOTE:  This Garnacha from the town of Cadalso de los Vidrios in the Sierra de Gredos shows intense aromas of red berries. With medium body, great freshness, thanks to the high acidity developed in the high-altitude vineyards and firm tannins that contribute to its long finish. An elegant, highly drinkable wine, versatile food wine that pairs perfectly with white fishes or red meats.

Grape: Garnacha 100% from Sierra de Gredos (Cadalso de los Vidrios)

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